Research: Grants, projects and dissemination of knowledge:

Grants and projects:

Conferences and seminars:

CODYM Spring Workshop (CODYM-Spring'14)
Venue: Wrocław, 7-8.04.2014
Selected topics: Cultural and opinion dynamics, complex systems, innovation diffusion, language, linguistics and cognition, social systems and economics
Cultural and opinion dynamics: Modeling, Experiments and Challenges for the future
satelite meeting at
European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS'13)
Venue: Barcelona, 16-20.09.2013
Selected topics: Cultural and opinion dynamics, complex systems
47th Winter School in Theoretical Physics "Simple Models for Complex Systems"
Venue: Lądek Zdrój, 7-12.02.2011
Selected topics: Statistical physics of social and economic systems, The physics of pedestrian dynamics and evacuation processes
XXIII Max Born Symposium "Critical Phenomena in Complex Systems"
in honour of Andrzej Pękalski 70th birthday anniversary
Polanica Zdrój, 3-6.09.2007
Selected topics: Critical phenomena, interdyscyplinary applications of statistical physics
The S3 Interdisciplinary Seminar - "Science meets Social Science"

Selected Lectures:

"Voter models of social opinion formation"

Tutorial SOE 1.2 DPG 2016, Regensburg 6.03.2016

"Opinion dynamics in personal and economical areas - do they differ?",

International School on Complexity: Course on Statistical Physics of Social Dynamics: Opinions, Semiotic Dynamics, and Language
Erice 14-19.07.2007

"Spontaneous reorientations in a model of opinion dynamics with anticonformists",

Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics MECO 35,
Pont-a-Mousson, 16.03.2010

"Simple models for complex systems - toys or tools",
Mini course at Ising Lectures 2011 - 14th Annual Workshop on Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena, 12-14.04.2011

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

"Social Physics or Sociophysics?", Physics Friday Colloquia, Department of Physics NTNU Trondheim, 16.09.2011
"Nonconformity in simple models - anticonformity or independence?", The Unexpected Conference - SOCIOPHYSICS: Do humans behave like atoms?,
Paris 14-16.11.2011
"Diffusion of innovation within an agent-based model"
ECCS'13 Barcelona 14-16.11.2011

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