Schedule: Summer 2019/2020

godziny PN/Mon WT/Tue ŚR/Wed Cz/Thu PT/Fri
09:15-11:00 Complex Systems
(W) 303A/C-7
Fiz Stat i Term
(W) 321/A-1
11:15-13:00 Seminarium Fizyki 220/A1 Posiedzenia Rady Dyscypliny   Przejścia fazowe
(W) 320A/A-1 
SPICY (504b/A-1)
13:15-15:00     Sem CCC
  • Konsultacje/ Consultation hours
    Preferably directly before or after my lectures
    Make an appointment via email, providing details of your problem
    Please be well organized before you ask for help! Be clear as to the nature of your problem - for example, you might make a list of points on which you are stuck, or write out in detail your best attempt at a problem that you cannot complete


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