How to get to the Tumski Hotel and University


By car

The access from the north is cut by road works. The map of access is available on the hotel web page.

GPS navigation systems are probably not aware of road works in Poland.

From the main railway station (Wrocław Główny)

The main railway station in Wrocław (built in 1855-57) is being restored to its original beauty. At the moment of writing this text only the eastern tunnel is open (but this may change).

By taxi

See “Note on taking a taxi” below.
The price from the railway station should not exceed 20 zł on week days (+50% on weekends and in the night).

By tram

Leave to the north (towards the city center – „Centrum miasta”) and turn left along the street. Tram stops are 300 meters away. Ticket machines are at the tram stops (cash/card payment) and on the trams (payment by a credit card). Take No. 8, go 3 stops to "Hala Targowa" and then continue on foot straight ahead over a bridge about 5 minutes to the hotel. The hotel will be on your left after crossing the second bridge (but before crossing the third). The time table for the tram No. 8 is here:

From the Wrocław airport

By taxi

See “Note on taking a taxi” below.

There is one taxi spot just at the terminal, for taxis licensed by the airport. Another one is across the driveway, where thy city street begins.
The price from the airport station should not exceed 60 zł on week days (+50% on weekends and in the night).

By bus/tram

This is rather complicated.

We don’t know how to do this right now but we are working on it.

Here is a map of the direct neighborhood of the hotel.


We will provide a bus. If you want or need to get there on your own, you can either take a taxi or walk 10 minutes through the Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island, the oldest part of the city) and take a tram 2 or 10, direction “Biskupin”, on the other side (or keep walking straight ahead, for further 15 minutes).

Note on taking a taxi

Taxis in Poland are sometimes tricky and there is still some probability of being cheated (although this has considerably dropped down now). There are very many companies with different fares (although there are legal limits on prices). The safety rules are: (1) choose a cab integrated in a radio-taxi network, with the explicit text TAXI and a phone number on it (not just the door number); (2) ask for the approximate price before you enter; (3) if you are asked to pay much more than indicated above or more than you see on the meter, or the meter has not been switched on then call the conference organizers (+48 607 949062). There should not be any problems if one chooses a real, properly marked taxi. A receipt must be supplied by the driver on demand.

Conference phone no: +48 607 949062

(Sunday noon – Thursday noon)